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About Us

We started with a dream. To connect passionate NFT collectors all over the world!


One of the biggest things that motivates us to work harder to achieve the best possible success of the platform is that there are people in the NFT world, as with any other profitable industry, looking to make a quick buck from us. They'll do anything - throw fancy lingo, unlimited features, and their own version of the marketplace at us. I say no! We're the ones who built this community. Not the CEOs of these companies that are suddenly into NFTs for the profit. There are too many people out there looking out for their profits rather than the health and the betterment of the community. We're working hard to create a safe, inclusive, and interactive social platform that everyone will be happy using. We promise to work not to maximize profit, but to maximize the fun you will have on the platform.

We're a platform founded in October 2021, but we're still in the development phase. Our social media campaign began on January 19th 2022 (go show us some love from the icons at the top!). We started the #sharenfts movement, and we're gonna keep working to build the largest NFT social community in the world, but it all starts with you. Support and follow us on our journey. We're competing against some of the richest people in the world - we know this won't be easy. But we don't want to forfeit our community without a fight. 

Share your ideas with us, tell us what we need to do to improve, show us what you want, lend us some help - this platform will be as much your creation as it will be ours.

Let's go out and make a difference.

- Development Team

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